E02 – Old School Game Collecting (feat Dan O’Day from Rebel Gaming Club) | Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast

Welcome to the Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast! Throughout the years I’ve met a lot of cool people involved in gaming and what better excuse to use my gift of gab then to chat with them about everything and anything gaming?

For Episode 2 I have on the always awesome Dan O’Day from Rebel Gaming Club. Dan is an really cool dude and has a lot to with the underground punk music scene. After the classic update, we go into the RGC, how it started and Dan’s motivations behind why he does what he does.

RGC is also going to be at TooManyGames doing a concert on the main stage and we talk about how he has been preparing for that and the community effort to how this all became a reality. We then go into a really interesting conversation about collecting and where things could go in the upcoming years as there are tons of variables that people never think of!

Be sure to check out the sound from the underground, the Rebel Gaming Club as they are always putting out awesome stuff!

Be sure to check out the Link to RGC on YouTube

Here is the edited audio only release:


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