E03 – Atari VGS Scam?, Video Game Music & Wii U vs Switch (feat Mike Levy from XVGM Radio) | Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast

Welcome to the Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast! Throughout the years I’ve met a lot of cool people involved in gaming and what better excuse to use my gift of gab then to chat with them about everything and anything gaming?

I go back a bit with Mike Levy, we both wrote for Pixel Nation and even did some panels together last year at conventions! He is huge into video game music and is part of the new XVGM Podcast.

Mike also has a really cool channel on YouTube where he has a few different series, including skits and different informational series that are all extremely well done.

During our talk we dive deep into the Atari VGS and who exactly that is marketed towards. Then we talk comparisons between the Wii U and the Switch as Mike still isn’t quite sold on the system. All of this, combined with Mike’s passion for video game music makes this another excellent episode of the podcast!

Check out Mike’s Content at:

Link to Miketendo on YouTube


Here is the edited audio only release:

Link to the band who did MikeTendo’s theme!


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