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Episode 25: Crisis Force – Season 1 Finale Megacast!

Episode 24: Gaming with Friends and Recent Finds

Episode 23: Strider – NES

Episode 22: NES Homebrew Kevin Power and The Complete NES Kickstarter Project

Episode 21: Shatterhand – NES

Episode 20: TooManyGames 2015 & Chicken Little

Episode 19: Bionic Commando – NES

Episode 18: E3 2015 Episode

Episode 17: Neo Geo MVS & Collecting, Past, Present and Future

Episode 16: Nintendo Screws Up?

Episode 15: Video Game Ethics

Episode 14: Doom Mania!!!

Episode 13: Igavania and NWC 2015

Episode 12: King’s Quest III and Changes in the Video Game Industry

Episode 11: Make Trax, DOS Games and a New Direction

Episode 10: Castlevania Rondo of Blood and Timeless Arcade Games (feat Walter Day)

Episode 09: ToeJam & Earl, Sega Genesis

– Episode 08: Final Zone II, PC Engine CD and Mystic Searches (feat Joe Granato)

– Episode 07: Adventures of Batman & Robin, Sega Genesis

– Episode 06: The Goonies, Nintendo Famicom

– Episode 05: Predator, Beerslinger, Freddy vs Jason

– Episode 04: Wrecking Crew and The Mad Wizard (feat Rob Bryant from Sly Dog Studios)

– Episode 03: Top Underrated Consoles of All-Time

– Episode 02: Moving the Collection and Other Crap We Have Been Doing

– Episode 01: Has the Angry Video Game Nerd Jumped the Shark?

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