Book Releases

As time has gone by, I have realized that people have begun wanting to collect everything that I’ve released. So I’ve come up with a pretty decent list of everything I’ve put out over the years from newest to oldest. Enjoy!

Here is a very detailed listing of all the releases including years and people involved with all the parts of the process!

The Complete Virtual Boy (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

The cover art was created by me!

The Complete SNES Pocket Edition (Paperback via Kickstarter)

The cover art was created by the amazing Sarumaru

Hidden Gaming Gems: Generation by Generation (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

The cover art was created in 1992 by the amazing Mike Winterbauer

The Complete SNES Definitive Edition (Hardcover & Slipcase via Kickstarter)

The Complete NES Limited Color Edition (Paperback via Kickstarter)

The Nintendo Entertainment System Compendium (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

The Super Nintendo Compendium (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

The Complete SNES (Hardcover via Kickstarter)

Image result for Hidden Treasures Jeffrey Wittenhagen

The Video Game Culture Chronicles 1991 (Hardcover & Paperback via Patreon)

The Video Game Culture Chronicles 1990 (Hardcover & Paperback via Patreon)

The Complete NES (Hardcover & Paperback via Kickstarter)

Hidden Treasures (Paperback Only Released on Lulu Print on Demand)

                            Hidden Treasures: Rare & Unappreciated Gems          Hidden Treasures: Rare & Unappreciated Gems

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