VGBS – Side Quests

When a normal episode just isn’t enough!

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– Side Quest 15: Shooting the Sh!t with Sarumaru

– Side Quest 14: Collecting, Emulating and Customizing

– Side Quest 13: The New Star Wars, Patrick Kane and Celebrity Train Wrecks

– Side Quest 12: VGBS Live 01 @ TooManyGames 2015 – The Complete NES Panel

– Side Quest 11: How We Got into Games

– Side Quest 10: Our Favorite Games & Stories

Side Quest 09: Castlevania Hidden Gems, Vice City 100% and AVGN Response

Side Quest 08: Chrono Trigger and Story Time

Side Quest 07: Mortal Kombat X and Homework Updates

Side Quest 06: The Collector’s Mentality

Side Quest 05: More Fun with Rob Bryant

– Side Quest 04: The Rise of Amondus & PC Engine Madness

– Side Quest 03: Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti, Nintendo Famicom

– Side Quest 02: Playing as the Villain, Game Genie Cheating?, Physical vs Digital

– Side Quest 01: Three Favorite Items In Your Collection (feat Rob Bryant from Sly Dog Studios)

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