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VGBS Season 1 – The VGBS Era Has Begun!!!

VGBS Season 2 – Down the River…

VGBS Season 3 – More BS Madness…

VGBS Season 4 – Redefining the Bullshit Formula!

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Or leave a voicemail at: 26226-4VGBS
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– Meet Your Hosts –

Kyle Gilbert aka Kylemeister1983
– No Death Runs
– High Score Runs
– Collector of All Things Retro: Anything Video Game Related, Figures, Vinyl, VHS, Tap Handles, Old Beer Signs and Old Beer Steins


Jeffrey Wittenhagen aka thesubcon3
Jeff and Londen
– Award Winning Published Video Game Author
– World Record Setter
– Collector of Boxed PC Engine, Neo Geo, NES, Homebrew, Nintendo Arcades and anything Retro


Fans Love Us!



And We Love to Party!



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