Here are the conventions that I’ve attended along with awesome panels and videos that I’ve done. Check them out!

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Years Attended: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
VGBS Gaming Podcast Live: Retro Collecting on the Nintendo Switch w/ Sarumaru and JPSwitchmania (2019)

VGBS Gaming Podcast Live: Hidden Gaming Gems (2018)

VGBS Gaming Podcast Live: The NES Homebrew Revolution (2017)

VGBS Gaming Podcast Live: 90s Gaming Nostalgia Panel w/ Martin Alessi “formerly of EGM” (2016)

Location: Portland, OR
Years Attended: 2016, 2018
Hidden Gaming Gems and the Evolution of Collecting w/ Radical Reggie, Joe Witter and Gamester81 (2018)

CollectorVision Games: Making new Retro Games w/ Gamester81 and Brett Weiss (2018)

The Complete SNES Panel w/John Riggs, Reggie Williams & Sergio Elisondo (2016)

Tetris World Championships Finals Commentary w/ Chris Tang (2016)

Boom Tetris for Jeff: “Yes that’s me!” (2016)

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Years Attended: 2015, 2016, 2017
NES Oddities, Homebrew, Translations and More! w/ Miketendo & Rewind Mike (2017)

The Complete SNES Panel w/Shawn Long aka RGT85, Scott Squatch, Dee & Dave, Vintendo Paul & Jordan Fringe (2016)

The Complete NES Panel (2015)

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Years Attended: 2017, 2018, 2019
– Nintendo Switch Collecting Panel w/ Nerdy Nick (2019)

Hidden PlayStation Gems and Book Projects w/ Radical Reggie (2018)

NES Games You (Probably) Haven’t Played w/ Steve DeLuca (2017)

Location: Austin, TX
Years Attended: 2018, 2019
– Creating Physical Content in a Digital Age w/ Brett Weiss (2019)

Video Game Collecting Old versus New w/ Ben Moore “from Limited Run Games” (2018)

Location: Pomona, CA
Years Attended: 2019
Game Talk: Classic Tetris World Championship, Walter Day, and more! w/John Lester aka Gamester81 (2019)

Location: Wallingford, CT
Years Attended: 2016, 2019
– Switchmania Playcast Live w/ JPSwitchmania (2019)

90s Gaming Nostalgia Panel and the Colecovision w/ Gamester81, Miketendo & Rewind Mike (2016)

History of Console Gaming by Gamester81 w/ Miketendo & Me! (2016)

Location: Syracuse, NY
Years Attended: 2015, 2016
90s Gaming Nostalgia Panel w/ Thor Aackerlund “1990 NWC Winner” (2016)

What is a Homebrew? (2015)

Location: Parsippany, NJ
Years Attended: 2016, 2017
Hagen’s Alley Books Q&A w/ Rewind Mike and Dan Bulich “from Console Wars” (2017)

90s Gaming Nostalgia Panel w/ Kurt Kalata “from HardcoreGaming101” (2016)

Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL
Years Attended: 2016
Video Game Nostalgia Panel w/ Video Game Artist Austin McKinley (2016)

The New 8-Bit Heroes Film Screening & Post Analysis w/ Joe Granato (2016)

Location: Plano, TX
Years Attended: 2016
– The Complete SNES Panel w/ DivingNinja “from NintendoAge” (2016)

– Nintendo System Box Variants 201 by DivingNinja w/ Me! (2016)

Interview with Overdrive Reality Live (2016)

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Years Attended: 2016, 2017
– Hagen’s Alley Books: Past, Present & Future + Odd NES Games (2017)

90s Gaming Nostalgia Panel w/ Greg Caldwell “from Retrotainment Games” (2016)

Location: Edison, NJ
Years Attended: 2017
– Content Creation and How to Do It Yourself w/ Antoine Clerc-Renaud & Patrick Hickey Jr. (2017)

Location: Chicago, IL
Years Attended: 2016
VGBS Gaming Podcast Live w/ Philo Barnhart “artist on Dragon’s Lair and Disney” & Charles Moisant “of Silver Phoenix” (2016)

90s Gaming Nostalgia w/ Brian Colin “artist on Rampage & General Chaos” (2016)

Location: Houston, TX
Years Attended: 2016
Live Play-by-Play Commentary for the Semi-Finals and Finals (2016)

Location: Washington, DC
Years Attended: 2017, 2018
– NES Homebrew Showcase Display (2018)

– NES Homebrew Showcase Display (2017)