Shows and Articles

Below is a highlight of the reviews and articles I’ve done since starting the blog.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Spoilers and Predictions!

WWE in the Crapper: Observations, Recommendations and NXT Greatness

8-Bit Xmas 2015 – NES Homebrew Review

Ghost Blade – Sega Dreamcast Homebrew Review

Pier Solar HD Collector’s Edition – Sega Dreamcast Homebrew | Unboxing

Atlantean – TurboGrafx / PC Engine Homebrew Review

Fruit’Y – Sega Dreamcast Homebrew Review

The Nintendo Quest – Movie Review


The Rise of Amondus – NES Homebrew Review


Titan Souls – PSN / PS4 / Vita Review


Commie Killer – NES Homebrew Review


The Mad Wizard – NES Homebrew Review


Hacking the Original Xbox


Super Time Force – Xbox One Review


Twin Galaxies – Set up for Failure Right from the Start?

Twin Galaxies Forum


2014 Games I Haven’t Played or Haven’t Played Enough!


Games I’ve Recently Beaten – Ys: Book I – TurboGrafx 16


Other Notable NES Homebrew Releases in 2014


Blow Em Out – NES Homebrew Review


Beat’em and Eat’em – NES Homebrew Review


The Grind – NES Homebrew Review


T*Gun – NES Homebrew Review


Star Keeper – NES Homebrew Review


Larry and the Long Look For a Luscious Lover – NES Homebrew Review


Armed For Battle – NES Homebrew Review


8-Bit Xmas 2014 – NES Homebrew Review



VS Gradius – Trials and Tribulations



Nintendo VS Red Tent Arcade with Play Choice 10



Welcome to Your Doom Nintendo


Sharp X68000 – Computer System Review


Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest – Arcade Review



NES Remix – Wii U Review



Karate Blazers – Arcade Review



Nebula’s Ray – Arcade Review



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