Cat Quest – Nintendo Switch Review – More Than Just Another Indie Switch Game?

Wow did I not expect to like Cat Quest, I’ll just start off with that! It’s crazy because simply from the “box art” this game looks like your typical indie game with flash-style cartoon graphics, however this is definitely a case of being fooled by the box art…

I literally came across Cat Quest physically for the Switch and the employees of the game store said that the game literally appeared on the shelf with basically no announcement. So weird, but the price was basically what I call the “Switch Indie Markup Price” of $30, which to me is binge-worthy enough to pick up anything remotely obscure and cool looking. Cat Quest definitely falls into that “cat”ergory (see what I did there?… yeah I’m done with the puns).

Aside from being released physically, what really enticed me about Cat Quest was that it is an Action RPG and I’m always looking for “Zelda Clones” so I’ll basically pull the trigger on anything in that genre. Thankfully, Cat Quest is not a rogue-like which is what a lot of games are doing nowadays, so it actually plays and feels more old school than others.

Playing Cat Quest is very interesting as I’m either just really good at the gameplay mechanics, or the game is just very easy. I found myself going into caves that were well beyond my level and coming out of it basically unscathed because I had learned all the enemy patterns. The thing is, one wrong move and I would immediately die so I don’t think the game is too each more easy to pick up and play. There are also easy ways to save your progress and I am the type of gamer that will continually go and save before trotting off on my next adventure.

The graphics, as I mentioned earlier, come off weird looking at screenshots, however upon playing it the imagery really adds a ton to the gameplay and shows off what the world has to offer. After playing the game to completion I really found myself liking the graphical aesthetics of the world as I was engrossed in everything. Even the music and sound effects are extremely catchy and brought me further down the rabbit hole.

What really drew me in with Cat Quest was the sense of progression as I played. This game does play like your exploration-based Zelda Clone where you search around the new items and armor, however it also has a leveling up system that allows you to see how your character grows as you play through levels. Caves and missions show the recommended level you are supposed to be at. Also if you are like me you can go beyond that without much issue.

You constantly find loot throughout levels and if you get the same piece of equipment twice it powers it up, which is a really neat way to go about progression. There are also magical spells that you get as you traverse the countryside, with each being your classic RPG troupe of Fire, Lightening, Healing and the like. It does offer a bit of variety and certain enemy types do react differently to how you take them on.

The only thing that I’m grasping on is actually going back into the world, as I beat the main game in such a short time. There is a ton more to do, that’s for sure. However, I don’t know if there is that much more left that I want to explore in the world when I conquered the main story so easily. The Switch version doesn’t offer trophies or anything and it doesn’t seem like there are any special unlocks, like a special boss after completing everything or something like that. However the main story was still extremely fun to play and I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Action RPGs as this is a fun little quick adventure!

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