Project Assembly and Shipping Madness Begins…

After an amazing time at Replay FX, it’s now time to get to get backer items out before heading out to the Coleco Expo this weekend!

Both the NES Oddities Books and VGBS Season 1 arrived last week, so to say that it’s shipping madness is an understatement. My first hurdle is that I am still waiting on boxes to arrive for VGBS to ship them out to backers. However, I do have a few boxes available to get a few out this week. The thing is, VGBS Season 1 needs to be assembled!

That’s the thing with doing a CIB NES Game is that everything has to be put together. So I’m going to listen to a few Retro Gaming Podcasts, like XS Gaming and Stone Age Gamer, as I get everything together and assembled.

At the same time, I need to get all the NES Oddities books out there to backers how only backed a single book. The crazy aspect is cross-referencing the backer numbers with orders as the first ten book backers (or higher) are getting a numbered promo NES box and then I’m adding in the next ten for numbered promo VGBS buttons. I always love doing little unannounced things and I’ve been doing the promo boxes since the first Kickstarter; and all as a free bonus of course!

The shipping itself isn’t too bad, it just takes time to get everything together and add in the free stretch goal items. I think everyone is going to be really happy with all the little upgrades that I’ve done to make the books a really professional build. I’m always trying to raise the bar and I definitely feel like things keep getting better and better!

Let me know what you think and it’s now time to get back at it!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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