Top Ten Games of 2015

It’s that time again to do my annual top ten games of the year.

Here is my classic spiel: For the typical gamer, my year-in Top 10 Games lists are usually a bit controversial as I don’t include a lot of the popular game franchises like others do. I also make sure that I play the games thoroughly before I include them. How I figure it, if the game didn’t intrigue me enough to purchase or download it then why include it?

This year saw me actually playing some first person shooters! However, will any make the list?

#10 – WWE 2K16 – PS4

Starting this year at number 10 with a numerical iteration of a franchise might seem a bit weird to some, however WWE 2K16 has over 120 wrestlers on the roster this year! Combine that with the ability to download 100 created wrestlers from the community and you have a ridiculous amount of content. Aside from the quantity of wrestlers, this game also has some of the best non-button-mashing controls for a wrestling game I have ever played. Really awesome game overall.

#9 – Mortal Kombat X – PS4

Mortal Kombat X is exactly what I expected out of a fighting game, however the continual updates and added characters has continually brought be back to play more rounds. Aside from Jason Voorhes and the Predator, they have now announced Leatherface and the Alien! Combine the varied character roster with the extreme gore and refined play mechanics and this is a fighting game that is extremely fun to play. My favorite character is still Goro as I can go online and mop the floor with people, even in King of the Hill mode! Such a fun game and I hope they keep up the amazing upgrades.

#8 – Ghost Blade – Sega Dreamcast

Ghost Blade is an awesome shmup that was released on the Dreamcast this year by a company that has continually refined their craft. Considering that I always enjoy spaceship shooters, this one was a definitely must buy for me. This game has been extremely fun for me to play in short stints throughout the year.

Here is a video review of Ghost Blade that I did:

#7 – Rocket League – PS4

Who would have thought that a Playstation Plus free game would make my top ten list of the entire year?! Rocket League mixes and mashes destruction derby and soccer into a blender and turns out of the most unique experiences I have played this console generation. Not only can you play league mode to advance your team, but you can also create a team online and challenge all oncomers. Such a simple and fun concept, expertly executed!

#6 – Kevin Power in TooManyGames – NES

Such a small mini-game looking Nintendo game, yet I played this game more than any other NES homebrew this year! This is partly due to it just being really fun to run over pedestrians on your way to a gaming convention, but also due to the fact that my daughter is obsessed with the game! I love how Kevin Power is so simplistic that a toddler can get enjoyment out of it, yet the difficulty ramps up to give a challenge to any seasoned gamer.

#5 – Titan Souls – PS4/Vita

This might be the first year that I don’t have a Zelda game on my list, however Titan Souls has the spirit of the Zelda boss fights, however with a unique twist. Being able to find vulnerabilities in the Titans is extremely fun and satisfying when you successfully execute them. The world is suprisingly large and looks amazing, which you have plenty of time to enjoy as you hunt for the next Titan. Here is a link to my review on it:

Titan Souls Written Review on Hagen’s Alley

#4 – Fallout 4 – Xbox One

This year I have the most big name titles on it, and quality experiences like Fallout 4 is precisely why this console generation has drawn me in. Sure this game uses the same engine as the last game and doesn’t “look as good” as it could have. However, I am a guy that still plays his NES daily, so to me Fallout 4 looks great, is fun to play and continually brings me back. What I like about Fallout 4, compared to the older games in the series, is that I can definitely play this game in smaller stints and not feel obligated to play for hours on end. I don’t know exactly why Fallout 4 comes off like this to me, however I like it a lot as I frequently don’t have 20 hours a day to dedicate to a game. Of course at my pace, I might beat the game by the next console generation!

#3 – Undertale – PC

Undertale was a huge surprise for me as I really didn’t even know this game existed until December of this year. In a single day I not only started Undertale, but I also couldn’t put it down and beat the entire game in one sitting! I haven’t done that in a very long time and that goes to show how much this game grabbed me. Undertale has an art style akin to Earthbound, a very griping story and a unique RPG combat where you dodge enemy attacks like a bullet hell shmup. Combine all this with and a crazy twist at the end where it will make you question everything you know about JRPGs and Undertale may be one of the best unique games to come around in a long time!.

#2 – Axiom Verge – PS4

In a year where we have one of the best unique RPG experience I have ever played, Axiom Verge is another game that virtually showed up out of nowhere and basically blew my mind. Never did I expect in a million years to see a Super Metroid tribute of this magnitude and scope! To this day I still haven’t beaten it, but I keep going back; as this game is extremely engrossing and amazing. Everything about Axiom Verge screams nostalgia and this is a game that I will be playing for years to come!

#1 – Super Mario Maker – Wii U

Super Mario Maker was actually way more fun than I had anticipated. I honestly thought this would simply be a way for me to continually play new Super Mario Bros levels. However, creating levels is so fun that I actually found myself creating some amazing and creative levels very easily. The fact that Nintendo is updating the game continually and implementing aspects that fans request is a testament that this game will be around for a long time coming (or at least until they move on to the NX system!).

Here is a video of my Super Mario Maker level, the Evil Underground:

That ends another year on Hagen’s Alley! This might be the first year that a new Zelda was released and didn’t make my Top 10 list. So weird, yet understandable. As always, do you agree with my list or feel that I left a few games off that you enjoyed? Comment and let me know!

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