Complete SNES Definitive Edition – Preview!

I finally received the advanced copy of The Complete SNES: Definitive Edition and wow is this book huge! I did a live stream on Facebook earlier in the week and it shows just how big a 630 page full color book is.

Just to reiterate, the Definitive Edition not only offers a significantly higher quality on all aspects of the previous edition, better paper quality, brighter images, etc, but also offers over 100 pages of Super Famicom games! These games were all hand picked, like the original Famicom games were in the NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution book, where you don’t have to be versed in Japanese in order to enjoy them. This section is a must see if you are a Super Nintendo fan and think that you have played it all!

The other really cool aspect that turned out amazing is the slipcase. There is lenticular on the front of the case which has an animation that changes from the artwork to pixel graphics of each character and the whole TV aspect turned out really great. With the back I decided to go with the classic symbol that is on SNES cartridges as to me that is iconic with the Super Nintendo.

Keep in mind that these slipcases are typically going to be limited to Kickstarter Backers and BackerKit Preorders, so I will only have a limited amount of these available outside of the campaign.

I hope everyone enjoys this book and now knows that when I do a “second release” of a book on crowdfunding that my goal is to make every aspect of the book so much better that it a must own. In the end I’m a gamer and collector just like everyone else, so if I can bring my passion for creation to make something amazing based on all of our favorite systems, I will try and make sure it is as legendary as possible!

(**Note: The tiny white lines on the cover will not be present in the final release. That’s why I get an advanced copy!)

Here is the livestream that I did.

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