Capcom Power System and Three Wonders Review | Rewind Mike

Ahhhh Capcom, in the 90’s they really knew how to make a game that people would enjoy. They were a household name, we ALL knew that purple box, and with it came hours of joy and frustration. There were so many developers at the time, but they still knew how to stand out above the rest.

The same thing can be said for their experience in the arcade. They would stick with what they knew and expand on it even more. Lets face it, those machines had more power then our little consoles could contain

At the start of their arcade run, Capcom would make machines for each game individually and that proved to be very costly process for them. The R&D team set out to make a board that would allow for interchangeable ROM carts. This titan was labeled CP System, or CPS-1. There was even a CPS released for homes in Japan called Capcom Power System Changer. The package would include Street Fighter, The Capcom arcade stick, and the console. With additional games coming in at about $200

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