VGBS Side Quest 09 – Castlevania Hidden Gems, Vice City 100% and AVGN Response – Voicemail and Text Hotline: (262) 264-VGBS

This is an early recording around the same time Episode 2 was recorded. We go over the response to the Episode 1 topic of the Angry Video Game Nerd from listeners. Also, during a time before we tackled Rondo of Blood, we go over Castlevania Hidden Games. Kyle also focuses on his trials and tribulations of 100%ing Grand Theft Auto Vice City. This is one of the rare times that we are all in the same room and madness ensues!

You can email the podcast team at:
Or leave a voicemail at: 26226-4VGBS
FB at:
Tweet at: @GamingVgbs


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