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Gamer’s Guide: Persona 5’s Take on Rebellion

There is a HUGE difference between rebellion and being a jerk. Which one are you? Persona 5 does an excellent job of exploring this subject.

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Gamer’s Guide: Satan is AWESOME…According to Dishonored

Satanism is awesome! At least, that’s what Dishonored teaches us. It turns out religion seeks to take everything from humanity while the “evils” are not as evil as we would think. Continue reading

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One Life Wife – 04 – Super Meat Boy – The Death Toll Returns!

Super Meat Boy is known for it’s brutal difficultly. This time the wife will attempt to take on the first world until she quits. How far will she get and how high will the death toll climb? Please subscribe and … Continue reading

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One Life Wife – 03 – Star Wars Battlefront Beta – Multiplayer Madness!

The wife plays the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. How will she do going against a slew of multiplayer behemoths?

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