Rolling Gunner & Xenoblade Chronicles First Thoughts | Switchmania Playcast Episode 52

This week we all try out the bullet hell shoot’em up Rolling Gunner. How did we all fare in this maniac-style spaceship shooter? We also talk about our first week with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Plus we continue the Under a Dollar Challenge!

This is a podcast and the goal is to keep playing and experiencing new games for our beloved Nintendo Switch. You can play along with us as we do new episodes and we might even read your feedback!

Switchopedia Saturdays are on YouTube at 9pm EST when we have time. Come play along with the Switchmania Playcast as they tackle the week’s game and anything else they might fancy.

Next Playcast Game: Continuing Xenoblade Chronicles (We are obsessed!)
Long-Term Playcast Game: Xenoblade Chronicles (Starting Soon!)

Shoot us some feedback and we might read your comments on the air!

The Switch Collector: Volume One is available for preorder at!

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2 Responses to Rolling Gunner & Xenoblade Chronicles First Thoughts | Switchmania Playcast Episode 52

  1. physicalitydavid says:

    Thank you all so very much for taking the time to play and talk about Rolling Gunner. 🥰
    Just wrapping up listening to the episode now – great show!


    • HagensAlley says:

      Thanks David! I missed this because we are in the process of transitioning to Anchor where you can leave us a voice message! Loved the interview Barry did with you too.


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