Downwell & Forgotten Games | Switchmania Playcast Episode 27

Downwell is a arcade-style platformer where you literally jump down a well, taking out enemies and collecting gems along the way which uses the Nintendo Switch Flip Grip to play in Tate Mode! How far could we get?

We also talk about games from 2019 that we still haven’t gotten around to playing that we really need to.

As always we go over this week’s pickups plus of course an update on The Switch Collector. And because Barry is here we will no doubt go in depth on collecting Switch games!

This is a podcast and the goal is to keep playing and experiencing new games for our beloved Nintendo Switch. You can play along with us as we do new episodes and we will read your feedback on our next episode!

On the Next Episode: Top Games of 2019

Shoot us some feedback and we might read your comments on the air!

The Switch Collector: Volume One is available for preorder at!

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