The 2019 mid-year Hagen’s Alley Report – How have I done so far and what’s left for the year?

Happy End of Summer everybody! Since I posted a pretty expansive list in January, I figure it’s time to follow up and see how we are coming along on everything and talk about what’s next for Hagen’s Alley!

(Here is a link to the January New Year’s Resolution list to see how I did)

  • After shipping out all the Hidden Gaming Gems books to all backers, I then launched, completed and shipped out The Complete SNES: Pocket Edition! This book has been extremely popular at conventions and everyone is surprised at how crisp and clear the book is, plus Sarumaru’s new art piece really turned out amazing!

  • This year’s April Fool’s Day joke got a little out of hand, as I decided to do a one week Kickstarter launch for The Complete Virtual Boy, where I teased that it would be over 100 pages! (Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign) This book was completely funded and is at the printers currently, which should be shipping out within the next month or so. The book ended up being 180 pages (yes you read that correctly!) and the Wooden Book Cover has turned out amazing!

  • The next book release we are gearing up to is The Switch Collector: Volume One which launches on Kickstarter September 10th. This book series is going to cover each year of the console’s history, starting with the launch. It will be focused on Physical Releases for the console as well as Digital-Only Hidden Gems. I will be using “Year One” as a test to see if everyone is interested in seeing more in the series, so please support it once it goes live as the more support it gets the larger of a focus the series will receive from me.

  • After the amazing Episode 100 Angry Video Game Nerd Episode, VGBS Gaming Podcast has went on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time while Kyle recharges his retro gaming batteries.

  • While VGBS might have slowed down, I have started a new podcast with Jonathan Polan of JP’s Switchmania called the Switchmania Playcast where we play a new Nintendo Switch game every week, talk about it along with all the new amazing stuff for the system. It also allows us to talk about The Switch Collector book and all of the different conventions that are going on that we attend.

  • Of course I’m still writing reviews for The Complete Genesis & Mega Drive book and I just finished the B Games. As you all know, I play each and every game I write about but I’m making head way! Fortunately, I have had most of the 500ish page book formatted and ready to go. I will continue this process throughout the year and we do have a really awesome cover artist working on the cover so hopefully it’ll be ready for a 2020 launch.

  • My competitive card game “Bit Battles” is still on the back burner a bit to allow me to focus on the next couple of book releases. If you want this to happen, it needs to be fun to play and that’s the struggle with it.

  • The Walter Day Superstars of Gaming book was funded on Kickstarter and I am still waiting on the co-creator Todd Friedman to get me all of the interviews so I can put a bow on things. That looks like a late-holiday release all things considering.

  • Finally, John “Gamester81” Lester are planning to still trickle out new game talks as we both find time, hopefully more than what we have done so far during the first half of the year! Make sure you subscribe to his channel and let him know how you feel about this new series we are doing.

As always I’m working on a ton of stuff (and even a few secrets I’ve yet to unveil). Make sure you let me know what you enjoy the most! In 2020 look for things like another regular edition run of Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge for the NES as well as another print run for The Complete NES, as book of those have been in high demand and I hear you all! Your support has been amazing and has kept me going as I continue to do as much as I humanly can.

Thank you and here’s to finishing out the year strong!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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