What’s next for Hagen’s Alley in 2019? – New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year Everybody!

2018 was another wild year here, with tons of craziness (and constant learning) with book releases, and let’s hope that 2019 is a positive one. It’s time to talk about the past year and go over my own “New Years Resolution” goals for the upcoming year.

(Here is a link to last year’s list to see how I did)

  • My first goal of the year is to Ship out all Hidden Gaming Gems books. The reception to the book has been amazing for those that have seen it and an indicator of where the books are going quality-wise. Port delays have prevented them from getting in your hands (which is crazy that something like that is even a thing), however this should be the easiest goal to attain out of everything on this list. Once you get your book, make sure you review it and share links here to the site as word of mouth is the best way for people to find out about and support my books!

  • I have finished formatting the paperback Pocket Edition of The Complete SNES! (Still waiting on Sarumaru to finish his cover art, but it already looks amazing as the sketch shown below…) This 300+ page “pocket” book will focus solely on the Licensed US releases and the layouts have been streamlined, not only with suggestions from the community, but also have been expanded to allow documentation of your experiences with the Super Nintendo. This Kickstarter campaign will be launching once shipping begins from my previous release. Check out the link to make sure you follow me and get an alert when the project launches! (Here is a link to the preview campaign)

  • There was a little book that I jokingly mentioned last year on April Fools Day, namely “The Complete Switch”. I received so much feedback on that joke, that I have gotten together with a few other passionate people to come up with an amazing way to document the history of the Nintendo Switch which we are dubbing… “The Switch Collector“. This book series is going to cover each year of the console’s history, starting with the launch. It will be focused on Physical Releases for the console as well as Digital-Only Hidden Gems. I will be using “Year One” as a test to see if everyone is interested in seeing more in the series, so please support it once it goes to Kickstarter later this year as the more support it gets the larger of a focus the series will receive from me.

  • My competitive card game “Bit Battles” has been put on the back burner a bit to allow me to focus on the next couple of book releases, however it is still being worked on. If you are helping with the beta testing, make sure you get back to me with your suggestions so we can make this an amazing experience! What do you want to see out of a tabletop card game?

  • Of course on top of all of these I’m still writing thousands of reviews for The Complete Genesis & Mega Drive book. As you all know, I play each and every game I write about but I’m making head way! Fortunately, I have most of the 500ish page book formatted and ready to go. I will continue this process throughout the year and hopefully it’ll be ready sooner than later.

  • I’m also planning on releasing the Walter Day Superstars of Gaming book and possibly a Special April Fools Day Edition of the Complete Series. Tons of moving pieces this year, so we will see how far things can go with releases.

  • VGBS Gaming Podcast will still continue along our slow episode release schedule. Our Season 4 capstone was ironically recorded in 2018 with a Special Interview with the Angry Video Game Nerd! Will we ask him about our Episode 1 topic of the AVGN Jumping the Shark? You’ll have to listen in to find out! It will all be up to us to get a few more episodes recorded and edited so this culmination of Video Game Bullshit can take place with Episode 100.

  • Finally, I have been having an awesome time recording with John Lester on his Gamester81 channel. There has been a ton of positive feedback from it and I’ll start posting those up here on the site as well! Make sure you subscribe to his channel and let him know how you feel about this new series we are doing.

Wow that’s a lot of stuff going on here. Let’s see how it all goes and make sure you let me know what you enjoy the most! Your support has been amazing and has allowed me to have extremely reasonable prices for my books while simultaneously increasing the quality.

Thank you and here’s to a great upcoming year!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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