What’s Going on at Hagen’s Alley Books

While I haven’t posted as much as usual, I’m still around! With getting Hidden Gaming Gems ready for printing, and working a ton of hours during my day job, updates have been few and far between here. Here are a few things happening right now:

Hidden Gaming Gems

My newest book is with the printing company and should be shipping within another month or so. I have been extra meticulous this time around, as I don’t want any issues with the print run.

VGBS Season 4 Wrap Up!

Kyle and I have been trying to get together for a month now to record a Double Dragon II episode, as well as a few others. This all leads us to the epic Episode 1oo which will bring the entire podcast full circle. Stay Tuned!

My Next Book – The Complete Genesis & Mega Drive

I have been steadily working on the Sega Genesis book and the writing has begun, which will take a long time. There are a few Genesis fanatics that are helping out, so we shall see where it takes us.

Card Game Enters Beta Testing

Those that follow me on Social Media might have seen that have been working on a Card Game that is Retro Gaming related. Think Magic the Gathering, but simplified like an RPG battle! More details will be coming soon and lots of people have shown interest in being a beta tester.

Conventions and Book Signings

I attended Game On in Arizona during August, which was a blast, and this month I’m going to a couple of events to include Portland Retro Gaming Expo. For my panels for the next year on I’ll be hosting a group on collecting ins and outs. PRGE will be the first one to showcase that and it will be with Radical Reggie, Gamester81, AntDude (if he remembers, which he never does!), and myself. In November I’ll be at TwinCade in Griffith, IN for a book signing the Saturday after Black Friday. (Upcoming events are always in the right panel)

April Fools Day 2019

All I have to say is that I have something awesome planned for April Fools Day, keep your eyes peeled!

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