E05 – Arcade Bars & Twincadia (feat Philip Sidener from Twincade) | Hagen’s Alley Books Podcast

In this episode I have Philip Sidener on who is a really cool dude that is doing a lot of things in the gaming community. Not only does he run a YouTube channel doing some really high quality reviews, but also is the owner of Twincade an arcade bar in Griffith, Indiana! He has a vinyl record company and even does a reality show about life at his barcade. Come join in for the fun as we talk arcades and video games. Of course as always there is also a little bit of book updates and projects sprinkled in at the beginning.

Check out Twincadia and Side Quest on YouTube: youtube.com/twincade

Philip has Side Quest up on Amazon Prime to watch and the SNES episode is pretty amazing: http://a.co/3fnLGd4

All of Season 1 of Twincadia is also up on Amazon Prime: http://a.co/1iZfX4P

Here is the edited audio only release:


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