Midwest Gaming Classic 2018!

I will be back again at MGC in Milwaukee, WI. It is one the my favorite conventions in the Midwest and is always a great time. I’ll be there at the merch table with my books starting Friday (until they sell out).

Also, Kyle and I will be doing our third annual VGBS MGC Live Panel! Check it out and let us know if you are coming to hang out.

Here is more information on the Panel:

Hidden Gaming Gems: Generation by Generation

11:30am until 12:15pm @ Guys, Games and Beer Presentation Hall

Throughout the history of video games there are titles that go unnoticed by the majority of gamers. Let’s sit down and go over a few of our favorite unappreciated games from various generations, both old and new. From the Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System to newer systems like the PS4 and Switch, there are Hidden Gaming Gems all over the place! In classic VGBS Live fashion, people in the audience are also encouraged to share their stories as well!

Here is more information on the convention.

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