New Book – The Complete Nintendo Switch!

It’s time to announce the 10th book from Hagen’s Alley…

Due to the success of The Complete NES and The Complete SNES, we are proud to announce our next book(s) in the series….The Complete Switch!

Image result for nintendo switch complete

This multi-part book series will cover each year of the console, giving two full pages for every game released both physically and digitally in every region! Here is what will be covered:

  • 400+ full color pages in the same large size as previous releases
  • Two pages per Physical Switch Game, One page per Digital Switch Game
  • Pictures of Case, Cartridge, Manual (if there is one), or Nintendo E-Shop Image
  • Awesome screenshots and fan art (which you can submit!)
  • Classic write-ups on each game, avoiding ratings and rarity levels

There will be sections for Limited Edition releases, accessories and more! This will be the ultimate series for everyone obsessed with the Nintendo Switch console!

Image result for nintendo switch collection

We will be launching The Complete Switch on Kickstarter this summer…

Comment here on the site if you are excited!

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