Xeno Crisis – New Genesis / Dreamcast / Switch Game Preview

My first thoughts looking at Xeno Crisis was that it seems like a throwback to the 90s arcade scene; with inspiration from classics like Smash TV and Alien Syndrome… which was okay but nothing we haven’t seen before with retro-style games. Then I clicked the trailer link!

As you can see, this game is extremely intense and has all the makings of an amazing old-school “retro” experience with some intense action and beautifully drawn art. The music really helps put the overall package over the top for me. The other interesting aspect is that there were options for a Dreamcast and Switch versions, which I think will be killer as most of you know that I have been really enjoying the Switch lately.

With Kickstarter games I’ve heard tons of ambitious ideas like this before, however I was able to speak with one of the developers of the game. What’s interesting is that the way they are developing Xeno Crisis is starting from a PC standard and then making it fit down to the Genesis specifications. That means that when all is said and done it will be easy to port to the Dreamcast, Switch, Steam and anywhere else. That is pretty great as the main focus is technically on the harder goal (that being the Sega Genesis) and then adding on the others if they can raise the funds to support the production/licensing fees. So not only does the game itself look badass, but the team also has a sound strategy to get the game released as well!

The other main thing I wanted to know about is the controls as there are multiple ways they could go about making things work, including the two controller twin-stick style like Smash TV which is hit or miss. If you watch the trailer closely (or at the GIF above), you’ll notice that there are a few moves that are pulled off. Those are only a couple of the abilities you will be able to do. So basically there will be a “hold the button to strafe” mentality in place, which should work perfectly in tandem with the moves and abilities.

Overall, Xeno Crisis is off to a great start and is poised to be one of the coolest games released aftermarket for the Sega Genesis. Who knows, if they implement everything that I’m seeing here, including all the weaponry and 2-player cooperative, it could rival the best games the 16-bit blast processing machine has to offer!

There is still time for the Kickstarter at the link here!


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