New Years Resolutions and January Updates!

2017 was another amazing year and looking forward to 2018, there are a few “Resolutions” that I’d like to try to strive towards.

  • Finally finish my Hidden Gaming Gems: Generation by Generation re-release! I’ve been working on this off and on for 2 years and it would be great to get Volume I out the way it was meant to. I have an amazing cover, by Mike Winterbauer who has done multiple video game covers over the years, so it’s time to get it released!

  • Speaking of books, my other goal is to get further distribution in physical book stores. I have had lots of people ask me when they will see them in major retailers. All I can say is that things are in the works!


  • I also would like to get the ball rolling on The Complete Genesis: The Mega Collector’s Guide. I’ve already started it, however I have to get my other book releases out before I can continue work on it. Also, the book won’t just be Genesis games alone….

  • I plan to post more articles here on the site. I’m going to focus on “Homebrew” and “Retro-style” Indie Games as that’s what I enjoy playing primarily, as well as some game hacking and creation pieces. Now that my NES Oddities is done, I still want to talk about the new NES games released in more depth too!

  • Keep Video Game Bullshit Gaming Podcast going at the same twice a month pace. We have tons of content recorded so basically this one is easy enough. The Episode 100 Season 4 finale is going to be amazing and bring things full circle with a special interview piece with a certain “Nerd”! Kyle and I will also strive to get VGBS Season 2 released on NES cartridge as well. Plus we were in an Amazon Prime series “Stories from the Midwest Gaming Classic” with the Season 2 premiere happening this year!

That should be a great start and everything is pretty doable. If you are a content creator, whether that be games, music or even art, get a hold of me and I’d love to feature you here with an article on the site as well. Every little bit helps get everyone out there and I enjoy new creations!

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2018!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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