Update after a Couple Months of Madness!

Some of you were aware but I was away for training for the past 2 months with very little Internet access. Shit was crazy and definitely challenging. New VGBS episodes were set on autopilot and I tried to promote the Definitive Complete SNES Kickstarter to the best of my ability.

Now I’m back through the holidays and it’s time for an update on everything!

First off the Definitive Complete SNES update:

Before I left, the book was completely done aside from the backer contributor reviews and in the hands of the new editor that is going to ensure that the book is as close to perfection as possible. He is now down editing and aside from having to go through the backer reviews, the book should be ready to send to the printers soon.

My goal was to get everything submitted last month while in training so everyone could get their books by Christmas, but I didn’t anticipate that the backers wouldn’t get me their reviews for over a month. It’s fine but things are out of my hands at this point.

Once I submit the finished book to the printing company it will be 4-6 weeks until they arrive here. That means being realistic at the earliest it will be February before the books begin shipping. I am bummed out that I couldn’t make it by Christmas but I would rather everyone have a perfect and amazing gigantic book!

To help tide you over, the NES Oddities book on Amazon is on a $32 sale until Christmas! Now is the time to get a copy for someone you know is as obsessed about retro gaming as we are!

Here is a link to the Amazon Page…


Second VGBS Gaming Podcast going forward:

While I was in training I set new VGBS episodes to go up every other week automatically, with any bonus live episodes or Phobos going up in the off weeks.

Kyle and I really like this schedule as it gives him a bit of time to make sure the episode editing is good without having to rush.

We are still way ahead in recordings so there is definitely tons of Bullshit goodness to come and we will be announcing a really “Angry” Interview for episode 100 that will bring things full circle for us!

Finally the Best of 2017 will be happening again and double the content!

This year I will be doing my Top 10 favorite games, but it will have one caveat to it…. I can’t include anything for the Nintendo Switch!

I will do a separate Top 10 Nintendo Switch games of 2017 since I really feel like the system deserves its own article as it has had an amazing 2017. As always I will only include games that I own and have a “slacker section” at the bottom for games that I should have but don’t yet. If anyone wants to join me on this, definitely let me know.

The main Top 10 list will also be amazing as there have been a ton of games released for tons of systems, including Black Box Challenge finally getting out there! So you get to look forward to two different lists this year which will be really fun to do!

If you having any questions comment below and thanks for all the support!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen

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