The Definitive Complete SNES is Live!

The newest book has hit Kickstarter and it aims to be the biggest Super Nintendo Book of all time! The Complete SNES “Definitive Edition” is the re-release that everyone has been waiting for!

In what we are calling the “Second Generation” of Hagen’s Alley Book, the quality has been overhauled significantly to include high gloss pages, increased image brightness, improved binding with headers and a bookmark ribbon; plus there are a few refinements to the formatting. Just to make things even crazier, we have added 100+ pages of Super Famicom games that do not require reading Japanese to enjoy! Combine that all with a very affordable price and this is going to be an amazing book!

Also, as part of the Kickstarter there is an awesome book case that’s animated and you even have the opportunity to replace one of the existing game reviews with your own! Of course there are still the premium leather book covers too, which are one of my favorite things to offer as they are classic!

You can visit the page by clicking the link here on the webpage or by going to

Let me know what you think and if you will be getting a copy of this book!

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