VGBS Live 17 – NES Games You Haven’t Heard Of with Steve DeLuca at Game On Expo 2017

VGBS is Live at Game On Expo in Arizona.

Panel Opening
The Goofy Foot NES Controller!
Let’s Talk VG Obscurities:
-Puzznic (NES)
-Flying Warriors (NES)
-Ultimate Fighter (SNES)
-Mendel Palace (NES)
-Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)
-Pyros/Wardner (Arcade)
-Crime Busters (Famicom Disk System/NES Clone Consoles)
-Tailgate Party (NES Homebrew)
-Super Russian Roulette (NES Homebrew)
-Black Box Challenge (NES Homebrew)
-Knight ‘n’ Grail (Commodore 64)
-Legends of Owlia (NES Homebrew)
-Space Invaders (Famicom)
-Galaxian (Famicom)
-Goonies (Famicom/Playchoice-10/VS System)
-Space Harrier (Famicom)
-Legend of Prince Valiant (PAL NES)
-Banana Prince (Famicom/PAL NES)
Panel Closing

This is VGBS!

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