Phobos Militia 13 – Freddy Krueger & A Nightmare on Elm Street Film Series

It’s time to go down to Elm Street and see what’s behind that red door…

Topics :
Favorite Nightmare Film?
The Brilliance of the Original
The Strength of Dream Warriors
Our 1st Freddy Experiences
Pop-Culture Personified
Marketing to Younger Audiences
Wes Craven: Genius Rising
How the Concepts of Freddy were Born
Patricia Arquette > Tuesday Knight
New Nightmare Foreshadowing Scream
Craven Ushers in Postmodern Horror
The Original NOES Ending
Wes Craven vs. Robert Shaye
Layne Staley Resemblance
NOES Video Games: Past & Present
Craven Taps into our Primal Nature
Dreams = Infinite Possibilities
Freddy’s Dead Fun & Oprah Noodlemantra
What Sets the Glove Apart?

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