Black Box Challenge – NintendoAge Limited Edition Auction Info!

When it comes to collecting NES Homebrew games, NintendoAge is where I started to really find out about them and where my love for brand new NES experiences began. Throughout the years there have been amazing Limited Edition Auctions for games. My favorites have been the ones that really show that people put time and effort into creating something truly cool that adds to the new gaming experience.

Here is my contribution to the awesome history of creative Limited Editions with the “Black Box Edition” of Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge!

There will be 10 copies of this up for auction and it will help me cover all the international shipping costs that significantly increased for the past 2 years while the game was in development. Each box was stained and glossed by hand. There are stickers with Joe Simko’s amazing artwork and a blue felt lining inside that simulates the pool.

To add to the creative factor, I got with Mr. Wizard Reproductions and he came up with a unique idea for the cartridge that really fits the theme of the game. It is a clear cartridge with a holographic label and inside the cartridge is all 30 of the NES Black Box games! Such a really cool idea and it really looks amazing.

There is also a magnet of the box art added with it, a manual (which I originally forgot in my pictures!), and an extra vinyl label for the side of the box if you want to replace the clear spine sticker. I will also be doing a perler of the main character if the bidding goes over a certain amount. Overall, this turned out really awesome and hopefully people dig it!

Make sure you are a member of NintendoAge forums before the planned launch (this Wednesday!) that way you can be eligible to bid as there were only 10 of these made! All of the details will be contained within the thread on NA when it launches. Here are a few more pictures and let me know what you think!

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