VGBS 75 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Our 3rd Season Finale is finally here! The ever-extending Hylian Path stretches before us again with this exalted and prized gem…Time to do this one some VGBS Justice!

Topics Covered
Timeline Madness
Our Initial Experiences
LTTP’s Linear, Intuitive Nature
Fairy Fountain Fun
Maxing out Arrows and Bombs Early
The Cave of Infinite Rupees
Chibi Pa Anime Festival Tournament Tale
Item Drops & Respawn Rates
“Perhaps we had better start from the beginning…”
Kakariko Village
The House of Infinite Bombs
Toughest Heart Containers to Acquire
The Light World Palaces
Anti-Fairy Powder Trickery
Acquiring All 4 Bottles/Jars
Getting the Master Sword!
The Dark World Dungeons
Ganon’s Tower
The Final Showdown
BS Zelda & The Satellaview
The Chris Houlihan Room
The Comic
Four Swords
Spiritual Sequels & Fan Hacks
Zelda Randomizer

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