Nintendo Entertainment System Compendium Edited!

So I’ve been in what I call “editing hell” since Friday. This evening I finally finished it up! I submitted the finalized files over to the printing company to give it a once over (mainly to ensure the cover is good and centered) then it’s off to be printed. That means about 6 weeks from now I should have the Compendiums in the mail, depending on customs and such.

As some of you know, starting with the NES Oddities book, I have begun a new process and, while it does take a month or so longer, the quality is outstanding! There are tons of little bonuses that I’ve added just to put each book over the top!

For the Compendium, I didn’t do a traditional proof copy, however I have something special in store for people that contributed their story to the book. Also, let me know if you are attending any conventions that I am in the next few months (look at the right column to see which ones I’ll be at!) If you are, and you contributed a story to the NES Compendium, let me know and I’ll have something super special for you!

All of my updates are going to be here on Hagen’s Alley from now on! That way no matter what project you support, you can just follow along here on the site.

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