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You can find Twin Dragons on Kickstarter here


So the creators of this game reached out to me asking if I’d like to cover it. After taking a look at the demo I decided to go ahead and do just that! They are going the kickstarter route, but not for development on the game.

It’s to purchase the parts necessary to actually put it on a real NES cartridge. Now they didn’t offer me any sort of payment, only a copy of the game. This doesn’t sway my decision on anything. I say what I mean and I means what I say 😀

My integrity means more to me than an NES cart, but it is a nice bonus. If I do say so, It feels good that anyone thinks my work is worth anything. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy this very early preview.
Retro games have had seen a bit of a boom, to say the least. In that boom a race of people crazy enough to code for the NES were born. Thus the age of the homebrew began, but there is a whole book being released on that coming soon!

The small team at “Broke Studio” consists of lead programmer Antoine, who rolled a high initiative, bringing together the party of Graphic designer Martin, and composer Matt!

Twin Dragons is a new homebrew game for the NES. The story is about two dragons named Dinky & Minky. Their unhatched sibling has been eggnapped by the sorcerer from a neighboring village, leaving the family in a scramble.

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Special thanks to Andrew of RetroIslandGaming for the voice over. You can find his channel here


and a big thanks to Jonny Atam for the Super Mario 64 cover, the full song can be heard on here


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