VGBS Live 13 @ Midwest Gaming Classic 2017 – The New NES Revolution

VGBS is Live at Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, WI.

Topic Include:
The New NES Revolution
What Makes the NES so Special?
Before the Days of the Internet…
The Nintendo Marketing Beast
DIY Passion Projects
Delving into the NES Homebrew Scene
Famicom Classics not on the NES
NES Programming and Community
The Evolution and Future of Homebrew
Unlocking New Uses with Old Peripherals
Buying Old IP Rights to Create New Games
Incoming Homebrew Content Forevermore
Preserving History

This is VGBS!

You can email the podcast team at:
Or leave a voicemail at: 262 26-4VGBS
FB at:
Tweet at: @GamingVgbs


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