Dahna: Megami Tanjou REVIEW for Sega Mega Drive | 2D Golden Axe | Rewind Mike

There I was, scrolling through my list of Genesis roms, completely bored out of my mind.. and saw I the name “Hercules”. I decided to give it a shot, damn well knowing it was going to be a horrible bootleg, which would bring some laughs to the night. Well, you were dead wrong, Mike.

So I decided to talk about this little known gem and shine light upon. Dahna: Megami Tanjou, is a 2D game with more than enough platforming to go around. The player takes control of, Dahna, slashing down anything in her path to save her sister and mentor.

The company IGS or Information Global Service developed and published a small number of titles across 6 consoles, including the game boy, famicom, mega drive, super nintendo/SFC, TG16/PCE, PCE CD.

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Konami: The NES Years Playlist ►► https://www.bit.ly/29h7lc


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