Macbat 64 : Journey of a Nice Chap for PC | Nintendo 64 Collectathon Style | Rewind Mike

Macbat 64 which was developed by SIACTRO can be purchased for $5!! All you need is a free steam account and follow this link:

Macbat 64 tells the story of a bat who goes on an adventure after talking with a pirate parrot at a bar. The indie retro title is inspired by of all those Nintendo 64 collectathon style games, like Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, and Donkey Kong 64… Its a low polygon adventure with platforming, kart racing, and even a 2.5D stage. The game really has it all, including head nods to a ton of classic titles!!

One thing I’d like to note for you viewers is, you might have noticed me struggling with the camera a bit.. that was my own fault. The game is programmed to use modern controllers and utilize the second stick for camera control..but I used Joy2Key, mapped it to an Nintendo 64 controller, and dealt with the camera issues. Now THATS how you really make the game feel like an authentic title…
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