KONAMI: The NES Years 1993 -1994 (Feat. Dali Popka, DubiousGaming, and JD McFly of True and Honest)

This is a MASSIVE collaboration covering all the games that, Konami, Developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A BIG thank you to everyone that helped bring this together!

Konami: The NES Years Playlist ►►bit.ly/29h7lcf
Games reviewed in these year


* Batman Returns
* Tiny Toon Adventures 2: trouble in wackyland
* Zen Intergalactic Ninja


* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

Dali Popka► bit.ly/2aeGwT9

DubiousGamingOnline ► bit.ly/29NqaTb

JD McFly of TRUEandHONEST ► bit.ly/2bIeEv1


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