Misunderstood Gem | Solstice: Quest for the Staff of Demnos Review for NES | Rewind Mike Feat Wiiguy

This is one of those games everyone had trouble with, there isnt one person I know that can beat it. Although most people have played it and do enjoy, the difficulty makes it almost unapproachable. SO I decided to TACKLE this misunderstood GEM and give you some tips on how to save the Princess.

Thanks for all the help, Niko. His channels can be found at these links ► bit.ly/1OFTvN4 or his review channel at bit.ly/2aBfd87

Solstice was inspired by games like Pentagram and Knights Lore on the ZX Spectrum. These adventures were part of the Sabreman Series created by Ultimate: Play The Game, which is now known better as, Rare…

But, A small team of 3 people with BIG ideas set out to make a puzzle platformer. For a year and a half, solstice went through many prototypes. Most of which were made to see what restrictions the NES would have and kind of play around in environments.

Once the engine was in place, it would set in motion the wheels to start building the puzzles, creating the music, and really fleshing out all the rooms.

This isometric maze will push your mind and test reflexes to their very limits. As you enter Kastle Rock to find the staff of demnos.

There is some serious back story to this game believe it or not.. more then I can say in the length of this video. So I will summarize as best I can.

Morbius the malevolent lived on a mountain high above the sea of sorrows. As the winter solstice approached he readied the ritual of sacrificing a damsel to the forces of darkness in return for powers beyond any other Mage. Not just any lady would do though, Morbius kidnaps Eleanor, Princess of Arcadia, The land of his sworn enemy..Shadox

At a time Shadox researched Kâstleröck in the Library of Arcadia to find a way to overthrow his arch nemesis. He learned of a secret entrance and the whereabouts of the Staff of Demnos, an ancient weapon with great power. The staff was hidden right under that evil wizards nose, inside Kâstleröck. Morbius’ spies searched for the Staff but did not find it.

However, every one hundred years on the Winter Solstice all the pieces become visible. Knowing a way in, Shadax slips in disguised as a weak old man to reassemble the Staff of Demnos, overthrow Morbius’ forces of darkness, and save Princess Eleanor.

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