Honorable Mentions: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Games | Rewind Mike

Here is a list of games that have all made it to multiple list. I’ve just never done anything with all these idea. It was high time to pull the trigger. These are a few of the games I thought helped define the Genesis, most of them were the reason I would always think fondly of the system. There is something here for everyone, maybe some of them you haven’t heard of, or maybe you have. I’m not going to say they are hidden gems, but a few of them might be.

Games Showcased

* Columns
* Dick Tracy
* Decap Attack
* Lotus Turbo Challenge
* Tyrants: Fight Through Time (NA) / Mega lo Mania (EU)

Konami: The NES Years Playlist ►►bit.ly/29h7lcf
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