Peace, Love & GEEKDOM: Hagen’s Alley, NES Oddities, and the HOMEBREW REVOLUTION


Can you hear the gamer’s sing? Singing the song of angry men. It’s the music of the consoles that are on the rise again.
SALUTATIONS and welcome to Peace, Love & GEEKDOM! My new series dedicated to inspiring the world by sharing the astounding stories of people who have made some astounding strides and impacts on the geeky community whether it is through sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, cosplay, etc.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting with the esteemed Jeffrey Wittenhagen, the founder of and host of the VGBS Podcast. He has made great strides to connect with artists and indie develepors in the gaming community, but his greatest accomplishments are the books he has written like the first comprehensive, collector’s book on SNES Games, to his first major book, a fully graphical, minimalistic take on an NES Collector’s book.

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Shout outs to:
Jim Wormull
CK Signs
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