FREE HAGEN’S ALLEY BOOKS! – Giveaway by Gamer’s Guide.

If the click baity title doesn’t make you watch the video, I just don’t know what will.

Peace, Love, & GEEKDOM
My new show is called Peace, Love & Geekdom and episode one goes live MONDAY, link will be up soon.
This will feature Jeffrey Wittenhagen from

be sure to check it out and support his upcoming kickstarter!

I will be giving away THREE of Jeffrey’s books!
Video Game Culture Chronicles 1991
SNES Compendium
The Complete NES collector’s book

These will be signed LIVE and personalized by myself and Jeffrey Wittenhagen!
You HAVE to subscribe, and you have to COMMENT on the ifrst episode of Peace, Love & GEEKDOM link will be posted soon!

For bonus entries!
Participate in Jeffrey’s giveaway going live 2/1/17. For every FIVE DOLLARS you contribute to the kickstarter, you get one more entry towards the raffle, just take a screen shot of your contribution for me and send it in @JAGamersGuide

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