StarFox 64 Review

I review StarFox 64 for the N64. I didn’t cover the multiplayer aspect because unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to play with this time around. I also have some comedic type moments, which I don’t include a whole lot in my videos. There is one point in particular that’s pretty obvious, but honestly, I recorded it not intending to be funny, but because I was frustrated that I messed up the 20th take. I just went with it because it kind of worked.

I’d like to thank the channel 3rdMLKid for the footage of the StarFox 64 promotional video from the 90s. Lots of memories there:

I’d also like to thank NESRomancer for letting me use his music in my videos. Check out his channel here:

The Cartridge Club got me to play the game again. Go sign up and join them in the fun!

Check out my website at

Also remember to check out Recursive Lament on Soundcloud, also known as Exit from Found Gaming. He did my theme song:

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