Arcade Hidden Gem? | Avenging Spirit Review | Rewind Mike

In a sea of games full of ghosts, there is one never really brought up and frightfully so. We’ve done everything with ghosts, Vacuumed them up to save a brother, busted them, eaten them, and even been through covert operation as ghosts..but how about being the ghost..

Well, there is just the arcade machine for that, released by Jaleco. Avenging Spirit is lost to the ether due to it never receiving an arcade port. Sure, there was a port for the game boy which as actually loyal to game play, but even that’s obscure.

So I actually learned about this game in a certain book I picked up at RWE called, Video Game Culture Chronicles 91. It goes through the years noting games that made the industry what it is today. The console wars start to heat up and sega takes shots at nintendo with a risky marketing campaign. The original Street Fighter 2 was launched and Turtles in Time reared its head from the shell.

Then there were the games that flew FAR under the radar, this book features many of them, some of which I will be reviewing in the near future because they caught my attention.

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