Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Spoilers and Predictions!

So I figured since I had the movie spoiled for me, might as well tempt others in classic fashion!  (Update: Now that I’ve seen the movie, knowing the “major” spoiler didn’t ruin it for me and actually made every scene extremely emotional!)

I’m only going to cover the major plot points, no real story. Can you avoid the temptation? Enter if you dare!

So the first spoiler of sorts is that Finn is not the main Jedi of the movie, Rey is. This was kind of obvious due to the clumsy way Finn handled the lightsaber in the trailers.

Next major spoiler is that Han Solo gets killed by Kylo Ren! Yep, the Harrison Ford only coming back if his character was killed rumors were true!

Also, Kylo Ren is Han and Leia’s son, Ben Solo! Double twist, however lets go for an ominous triple twist they don’t cover in the film…

I predict, in true Star Wars fashion, Kylo Ren and Rey are brother and sister! The only other option is that Rey is Luke’s daughter, but I feel doing the brother/sister swerve in Episode 8 would be better. Why else would the General of the Resistance embrace a girl she had never met before?

And finally Rey finds Luke at the end and will likely train to become a Jedi, like her Uncle/Father before her… Luke looked very reluctant that Rey found him and hopefully he wants nothing to do with training her in Episode 8 so we get a stark contrast from his own Jedi training….

So those are the major spoilers for Episode VII. While I did see these spoilers before I saw the movie, they didn’t ruin the film at all for me. Hopefully, unlike me, you knew well beforehand that these were spoilers! My next post will be my analysis/take on the film and a unique perspective, as many of the reviews thus far have either been shallow or they basically looked for stuff to complain about.

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