Commie Killer – NES Homebrew Review

Vectrexistan is the greatest land!

So I was able to procure a limited edition of a new NES homebrew called Commie Killer released in 2015 by FG Software. The story is you are an American aircraft and need to defend against the Communist regime bent on attacking the United States. The Communist regime is represented by a giant digitized head and your ship is the American flag. The commie head shoots out various Communist propaganda and even Gorbie heads that speed out at you. Due to being unintelligent, the Communist also spits out bonuses at you as well.

The game starts off easy enough, with the Communist enemy taking a certain amount of hits until the end of each level. However, as levels progress the speed gets faster and faster, until it’s barely manageable. In order to survive you must devise a solid strategy and pump away at the fire button at amazing speeds. Commie Killer smartly keeps track of your score and allows you to enter in your name, although it doesn’t save permanently as the game doesn’t have a battery backup. What’s great about keeping a temporary high score is that once you complete the game, there is a reason to press play again to beat your high score immediately.

Another great feature is that every three levels there is a bonus round. This is a great break up from the action, giving your fingers/thumbs a much needed rest from the frantic action. In this bonus round, Commie propaganda is falling from the sky and you must catch it in a trash can that you control. This is very similar in nature to the classic arcade game Kaboom, except this time you must avoid the bombs instead of catch them. As the papers fall they progressively get faster, but so does the trash can which makes it a fair trade off.

As an American, the setting of having you controlling an American flag, shooting stars, to defend the entire country against the Communist regime is a hilarious prospect. I’m not sure if someone from a different country would get the same enjoyment out of it though. Either way the game is definitely lighthearted and should be taken with the utmost sarcastic comedy in tow.

– Pros –
– Frantic arcade action
– Tight movement and quick shots
– Bonus levels break up the madness

– Cons – 
– Only one song plays through the title screen and game, the USSR national anthem
– Simplistic backgrounds, but at least they do not detract from the action

– Bottom Line –
Overall, Commie Killer is a fun little single screen arcade experience. The action gets frantic early on in the game and the pace only goes up from there! The communist setting might go over the heads of some, but is hilarity for others. It’s awesome that they added a bonus level for thumb reprieve as the game definitely gets ridiculously fast. I feel that Commie Killer could be part of gaming tournaments in the future and that’s an awesome prospect. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys high score runs and lightening fast arcade action!

imageBy Request: A picture of my awesome LE Cart!


My top score after playing it three times, can you top it?

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