Super Time Force – Xbox One Review

Super Time Force is an Indy game released in 2014. The version I have is on the Xbox One, although it has been released elsewhere. I saw screenshots for the game and it looked retro so I knew I’d like it, but I didn’t know how much. The basic description I can give Super Time Force is that it is like Contra on crack! It has a feel of an 8-bit Contra Hard Corps due to the heavy reliance on robots.

The cool, game defining, aspect of Super Time Force is the time rewinding game mechanics. It basically is a game changer that morphs this high death-toll style game into an extremely fun, seemingly invincible, romp through the chaotic battle space. It makes Super Time Force extremely fun and increases replayability by making you want to go back and see what unlockables you might have missed or to try to get through as quickly as possible. Speaking of unlocking things, there are a ton of characters that you can unlock that all have their own unique weapons and strategies. This adds to the fun as the game allows you to rack and stack powers as you save your previously fallen comrades, making you a super soldier until the next time you take damage.

Going through the game, it is extremely chaotic by nature. The enemies come at you frantically and the boss battles are epic in nature. Because of the time rewind mechanic, I find myself taking unnecessary risks that I wouldn’t normally take in a run and gun game. I did go back to find secret characters in a couple of the levels as they are easily missable. Of course I referenced an online guide, which I will continue to do as I plow through the game.

– Pros –
– Awesome soundtrack
– Tons of unlockables
– Time reversal mechanic
– Tight Controls
– 8-Bit feel

– Cons –
– $15 price tag for an online game
– No real reason to hone skills

So far, Super Time Force is an amazingly addictive fun game that, to my knowledge, has not been done before in the run and gun genre. After I complete the game, I’ll do another review.

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