2014 Games I Haven’t Played or Haven’t Played Enough!

This is a list I’ve been planning on making for awhile now. How I’m going to do this is come next year, I’ll reference this list and see which games I actually played! This is definitely not an all inclusive list, just the games that interested me the most.

Leisure Suit Larry – NES

Definitely a game that I need to play as I already own it CIB! It’s a labor of love from Khan Games and hopefully I get some time to master it this year.

Armed for Battle – NES

Another NES homebrew that I have been meaning to take a stab at. While I don’t necessarily like strategy games due to the time sink that they can become, Armed for Battle looks too good to pass up.


This one was on my list from the end of the year, however since then I have actually been playing this. As an awesome note, my wife has also been playing this online and has sunk more hours into it in a week than I did mastering the new Zelda in 2013! Craziness…

South Park: The Stick of Truth – PS3

This game looks amazing and I’ve always been a huge fan of the show. Definitely a must play.

Bayoneta 2 – Wii U

I got this game from my wife for Xmas and haven’t opened it up yet, as I also received Hyrule Warriors. I can’t wait to tackle this game as it looks beautiful and I have only heard good things!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Wii U

I rented this one last year and it’s extremely fun. Definitely on my back burner to buy when I find it for a good price used.

Bravely Default – 3DS

I played the demo before this game came out and it’s a solid classic JRPG experience. Not sure if I’ll have enough time to sink into this, however it looks and plays great.

Tomb Raider Definitive – Xbox One

I got a great deal on this game for the Xbox One but haven’t had the time to play through it yet. The original was high on game of the year lists and this one is supposed to be even more beautifully done.

Yoshi’s New Island – 3DS

Having played the first game when it originally came out and later the second for the NDS, I will likely get this game as well. It looks great, however the difficulty is generally easier than other Mario titles.

Final Fantasy XIV – PS4

I have been told this is the definitive Final Fantasy experience in MMO form. I have avoided MMO games like the plague as I always felt if I paid per month that I’d feel obligated to play more than I would want. However with Playstation Plus, if this game doesn’t cost any monthly fees I may be swayed to try it out.

1001 Spikes – Multi

I enjoyed the original on the Xbox 360 so I definitely would like the new one. It looks massively harder this time around though…

Azure Strike Gunvolt & Mighty Gunvolt – 3DS

These two games go together and highly resemble Mega Man. Heck even Mighty Number 9 is in Mighty Gunvolt. If there was a physical copy it would be a day one buy, however because it is digital I will wait until I hit a drought.

Pier Solar HD – PS4 (Dreamcast)

Pier Solar is a JRPG released on the Genesis a few years back and has gotten the HD treatment. I haven’t bought this on the PS4 yet as I did back the project on Kickstart and am still waiting on my Dreamcast version. However, this game will look even better on my 4K UHD tv upscaled even further….so I might have to pull the trigger.

Spelunky – PS4

I have heard a lot of great thinks about Spelunky so I need to play this. I did download the demo and it’s fun, just not sure it is enough to merit a full purchase as of yet.

The Evil Within – Multi

I love survival horror done well. I have heard that this game is a bastard to play and if it controls well and I make progress, little by little, I’m in! I will definitely get this when I find it for a good price used.

So there ya have it, a ton of games I need to play from last year. Are there any games that I missed that you think I should add in? Let me know in the comments!

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