Games I’ve Recently Beaten – Ys Book I TurboGrafx CD

This will be a fun little reference point for me as I complete games and will give me more of a reason to complete games. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to add in about my experience when I beat a game.

Ys is a game series that I’ve been meaning to tackle for years now. On New Years Day I saw a video by Johnny Millennium about his experience with Ys and more specifically Ys Book I and II on the TurboGrafx CD. This was enough to light a fire under my ass and got me playing the game.

So upon firing the game up, I always dreaded the combat engine, however playing it today it didn’t bother me at all and I was able to level up easily, becoming a badass. Throughout the game, I was easily overpowered as all of the boss battles seemed easy, until the last two bastards.

The music in Ys Book I is amazing and changed enough to not get too repetitive. There is also some voice acting, which is above par for when it was recorded. Graphically, Ys Book I is amazing and beautiful to look at. Overall, it’s an amazing game and is definitely up on my favorites list. Now onto my experience.

So the cryptic nature of the game and the townspeople was actually pretty straight forward. I was able to figure out just about everything by simply following what people were saying and the not-so-subtle clues all around. Some of the real asshole parts were the mirror mazes in the final tower and the one random hammer spot that you had to smash or die on a separate floor.

Then there are the two final boss fights. The twin heads was retardedly difficult with all the spinning fireballs. It was almost like you had to time it perfectly or just hope you randomly don’t get hit. The final boss wasn’t too difficult due to the fact that I was insanely overpowered by that point due to grinding in the room before the boss. Its the difference between taking 20-30 tries to beat the twin heads and 2 to beat the final boss.

Upon completing Ys Book I it automatically begins Book II except all my gold and items were taken away. Bastards! I am looking forward to tackling the next chapter and this series, so far, is an amazing adventure. Has anyone else played these games? I am thinking about skipping to Ys IV after Book II, as Ys III is a departure from the top down aspect. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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