The 2014 Year in NES Homebrew – Other Notable Releases (Love Story, MilioNESy, Sgt. Helmet – Training Day)

Other Notable NES Homebrew Releases

2014 had the most NES homebrew games released that I’ve personally ever seen. Aside from all the physical game releases this year, there have also been a lot of games that were finished, but not put onto a cartridge by the creator. Some are mini-games, others were created for a yearly homebrew contest. What I’m going to do is highlight a few of my favorite homebrew games I’ve played this year.

Love Story


Created by Tom Livak for the 2014 NESDEV Coding Competition, Love Story is a platformer where you control either a guy or a girl where the goal is to save the other from a demon. Playing the game is decent and the attacks are responsive. There isn’t much more to this one, but it shows promise. With a little bit of refinement, it will be a solid game.


Link to Download



This NES release is possibly my favorite game this year to not be released on a cartridge. MilioNESy is another game created for the 2014 NESDEV Coding Competition by a coder named Denine. The one is the NES version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This game has a ton of questions that were submitted by NESDEV users and even includes lifelines. I would really love to see this game get overhauled with more questions and put on an actual NES cartridge!


Link to Download

Sgt. Helmet – Training Day

This could quite possibly be the coolest release that I’ve seen in a long time. Created by the Mojon Twins, Sgt. Helmet is a top down run and gun, puzzle game that looks like a mix between Commando, Kickle Cubicle and The Legend of Zelda. There are tons of puzzles, guns to collect and progress to be made. I really need to play this gem more and give it an in-depth review. If any game deserves to have a physical CIB release, this is it!

Link to Download–sgt.helmet-training-day–

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