The 2014 Year in NES Homebrew – Blow Em Out

Blow Em Out

Developed by Retroscribe

Blow Em Out is a homebrew NES game developed by Retroscribe, on NintendoAge Forums, who is also known as GreetingCarts on the craft site Etsy. This is his first game in a planned series of holiday themed homebrew games. The idea is to be able to give this game as a gift to a retro gamer for their birthday.

The game itself is simple. Your goal is to go up and down on each level and blow out all the candles. You then get to advance to the next level; rinse and repeat. After you beat all ten levels, you are then treated to a Happy Birthday greeting, which can be personalized with the name of the person you bought the game for.

This whole goal is to beat ten levels and this is where the problem with the game stems. This homebrew is way too easy to complete. While it is understandable that the creator would want the receiver of this game to be able to get to the greeting, there are other ways he could have went about this. There could be two modes, one for the greeting card and one that is more competitive. Another option could be that after you initially beat the game, a hard mode is unlocked that ups the difficulty. While this is not a deal breaker, some beta testing would have greatly benefited the release. Either way even for the price a new Nintendo game is too shabby.

Check out Blow Em Out in action!

Link to Buy

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